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HP Scitex FB500

HP Scitex FB500

Here we have an extremely serious piece of equipment! You will only be interested in this, if you are serious about high quality and high throughput professional large format printing. It is a mainstay device for any Sign or POS and Display Company. For the complete technical specifications, go to the HP website and search on HP Scitex FB 500. This machine is a top end UV curable machine, A hybrid printer, it is equally adept at printing to roll media as well as flat bed. It will print onto just about anything, we regularly print to Corex, PVC, Dibond, Glass, Steel, Acrylic, Wood and of course all standard roll media - paper, vinyl, wallpaper etc etc etc. A real life description on the use of this system can be found at We purchased this printer from new ( we were one of the first purchasers of the new product!) from CWE systems, we have had the printer for around 16 months and we've been VERY happy with it. It has been a great introduction to HQ UV printing. We bought it as a 1.6m wide printer together with the roll feed option and the white ink option. I believe we are unusual users, inasmuch as we regularly print with white - we find it particularly good and have made a lot of high quality acrylic displays with flood white to reverse. Along with the printer we also purchased the latest ONYX X10, Production House Rip Station, this workstation is shown also. The total cost of this one stop solution was approximately £85,000 + VAT. The fact that we're looking to sell the printer should be seen as a successful conclusion as we are only selling because we are now buying a £300,000 printer to meet the increased demand the HP has generated for us! The asking price includes the printer and RIP station - £38,900 + VAT. If you already have a RIP station, I'd be willing to discuss a price for simply the printer. The printer is in our Leeds office, it will require de-commissioning and removal by a professional company - not included in the price. Obviously you will be responsible for this! As we are also moving to larger offices, we have spoken to the national HP distributor (Art Systems of Nottingham) and they can arrange this. If you choose to purchase the printer and arrange removal yourself - that's entirely up to you. The printer is used daily and any purchase would have to be done in conjunction with our current purchase - I'm sure this would be straight forward. The auction/agreed price is shown EXCLUSIVE of VAT, VAT HAS TO BE ADDED TO THE FINAL PRICE. Any inspection and testing, running example files is encouraged! The printer is in good condition but is now out of warranty. Art System will I know take the printer back onto service should you wish but I'm sure they will require a visit to do this. It's a function of how reliable we've found the printer that we've felt reasonably comfortable letting the service lapse. I'd imagine any new user to such a professional piece of equipment may feel more comfortable undertaking a service contract - Our quote for a years contract was £8,000 + VAT. If you're serious about the printer, you'd be better of calling and chatting to me. We'd be happy to offer a bit of hands on training to help you get up and running. All I can really say is that if you're considering moving into professional UV printing, this is the machine to do it on! Simple to use, top quality and for the price very quick - it really is an excellent mid end system and at this price something like a half of what you might expect! The printer is in Leeds, if you're interested, call Chris on 0113 277 7799; 07811 962992 We have an IP Webcam so are quite happy to set up a remote viewing demonstration prior to any visits if that's what you'd like!

Inkjet - UV Printers

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2013 Inca Spyder 320 4 Colour + White (CMYK+WW) » 2013 Inca Spyder 320 4 Colour + White (CMYK+WW)
Excellent Condition- Ready to View- Test Prints Available
Harris Digital Ltd. 2013 INCA Spyder 320 (6 modular heads) 4 colour + white (CMYK+ WW). This Spyder has been highly maintained and will undergo the recommended INCA 6 monthly service kit including all new filters. The printheads are in excellent cond...
Used product  working properly For Sale -
buy now
$ 71,313.24
$ 71,313.24
Feb-04-2016 48 United Kingdom
Teckwin Teckstorm XL - UV flatbet - 3mx2m » Teckwin Teckstorm XL - UV flatbet - 3mx2m
working - REDUCED PRICE!!!
We are selling UV flatbed printe - Teckwin Teckstorm XL 2009 - CMYK + White. The printer is in very good condition, it is working, if you want to see it you can come. Prints on both rigid and flexible media with quick change between modes. Protective...
Used product  working properly For Sale -
buy now
make bid
$ 10,641.90
Feb-04-2016 701 Bulgaria
HP Scitex XP5300 uv printer for sale by Admedia » HP Scitex XP5300 uv printer for sale by Admedia
HP Scitex XP5300 uv printer for sale by Admedia Supplies
HP Scitex XP5300 uv printer for sale by Admedia Supplies HP Scitex XP5300 UV used printer for sale 05/2008 model Serial# 40580 Located in Japan Printer is in daily operation.. Interested? please contact Benny Teo Admedia Supplies Singapore Mobile +65...
Used product  working properly For Sale - make bid Feb-01-2016 47 Singapore
OCE Arizona 550GT UV Printer » OCE Arizona 550GT UV Printer
Superb large format flatbed printer
September 2010 OCE Arizona 550 GT fast UV flatbed printer, roll to roll option 4 colour CMYK, +WHITE & Onyx PC RIP Available Immediately in the UK.All heads working perfectly. Fast production high quality.Can be inspected South of England We can deco...
Used product  working properly For Sale - make bid Jan-22-2016 222 United Kingdom
MImaki JF-1631 » MImaki JF-1631
UV Flat bed printer
For sale MImaki JF-1631 UV Flat bed printer have just decomissioned 3 month a go from a sign shop Australia please contact :
Used product  needs repair For Sale - $ 16,000.00 Jan-20-2016 116 Australia
UV pritingHead and spare Part » UV pritingHead and spare Part

I have these sparepart_Printer : Stelaarjet 250UV, Anapurna M, HP FB950, Incaspyder V, Flora 250UV, EFL.650... which still have good pritinghead : Spectra, XAAR500/40, SEILKO 14pl, RICOH.... I can sell as wrecking part or whole lot. Please contact: a...
Used product  working properly For Sale - $ 1,000.00 Jan-19-2016 82 Australia
for sale Hybird UV printer » for sale Hybird UV printer

For sale 2 UV Hybird Printer : -Anapurna M (encode error ) - HP FB950 ( Boot up Software is stand still need to reinstall or back up) These error occured Due to transport from Australia to Vietnam. But Not much business here. I dont want to Fix. Now ...
Used product  working properly For Sale - $ 12,000.00 Jan-19-2016 122 Australia
HP Scitex FB500 » HP Scitex FB500
machine in very good condition
Print width: 160 cm Year of production: 2011. Configuration: 12 printheads – 6 inks CMYK + LM + LC; white upgrade included; CMYK + white option RIP: no RIP Options: roll to roll Description: machine in very good condition
Used product  working properly For Sale - $ 50,409.00 Jan-15-2016 152 Croatia
Neolt SuperJet M 2050 » Neolt SuperJet M 2050

Neolt Superjet M2050 For sale. The Neolt Superjet M 2050 is a Hybrid Printer, it can run rigid material up to 30 cm and can print from roll to roll. Machine is equipped with 4 colors - CMYK. Max printing width : approx 2 m (bit more than 2 meter) The...
Used product  working properly For Sale buy now $ 22,404.00 Oct-13-2015 151 Czech Republic

New product  working properly For Sale - make bid Oct-06-2015 0 Czech Republic
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