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Here you can find information about the features of DigitalPrintMarket.com.
Place ads
Choose product titles and product descriptions that match your product offering to increase the chance people find your add in search engines. Make sure you add good product photos and possibly a link to a video on Youtube to increase your sales chances. Include factual information that supports the reliability of your company.  
Search products
Search products without having to register. Once you would like to place a bid or contact a seller then you will need to register. This is free of charge. On the top left of the homepage you can select the region you would like to search in (Worldwide, North America, Europe or Asia). Furthermore you can search products by using key words, by browsing in product categories and by using the extended search function.
Sign up
In order to stimulate a transparent, safe trading environment it is necessary to sign up and share company details if you actually would like to place bids and contact the seller.
Login / my DigitalPrintMarket
Once you have signed up you can login where you can see your ads, bids and messages.
Show interest in products
You can place bids, indicate you would like to buy a product by choosing "buy now" or send a message
to the seller. You can negotiate directly with the seller. DigitalPrintMarket is not involved in this process.
Safe Trading Financial Service
DigitalPrintMarket offers a financial service to assist the buyer and seller in their transaction. When buyers and sellers do not know each other, they need a third-party they can trust to turn to. That is where the Financial Service comes in. DigitalPrintMarket makes sure the transactions are secure and worry-free. When using this service the buyer can be certain that the product will be shipped before the amount is transferred to the seller and the seller can be certain that the amount will be paid if the product is according to the description/agreement. Below we explain the process in short.
1. Buyer and seller agree with the terms of the transaction
2. Buyer and seller sign up for the DigitalPrintMarket's Financial Service
3. The buyer sends the payment to DigitalPrintMarket in the Netherlands
4. DigitalPrintMarket informs both parties that the payment has been received.
5. The seller ships the product(s) to the buyer
6. The buyer receives the product. The product arrival is confirmed by the logistical company. 
7. The buyer normally has 7 days to inspect the product (unless other agreement has been made).
8. The buyer informs DigitalPrintMarket that the product is ok, according to the product decription/agreement.
9. DigitalPrintMarket transfers the payment to the seller's bank account.
If the shipped product is not in accordance to what was agreed, buyer and seller should discuss the issue(s). If was decided to ship the product back to the seller, the payment will be transferred back to the buyer. If no other agreement is made, the buyer is responsible for paying the shipping costs if he rejects the product.
The cost for the Financial Service is a percentage of the selling price:
Transaction Amount
(Merchandise + Shipping)
0-5,000 USD 3.25% (25 USD minimum)
5,000.01-25,000 USD 160 USD + 0.26% of amount over 5000 USD
25,000.01 + USD 0.89%

Contact DigitalPrintMarket to sign up for this service.
Arranging shipment

Shipping companies, such as DHL, UPS and TNT can take care of the shipment of your products. Especially across borders and outside free trade areas it is important to make the right customs documents. These shipping companies can also make the necessary documents for you. De following topics should be considered when shipping products:
- Calculating the cost and duration of the shipment
- Track and trace the shipment
- Arrange for customs papers (when shipping outside free trading areas)
- Arranging correct packaging
- Arrange for freight papers
Safe trading tips
  • Know the person and company you are doing business with. 
  • Check the reliability and payment behaviour through clients, suppliers and companies that evaluate the financial capabilities of companies
  • Use the internet to search for relevant information about the buyer or seller.
  • Use your common sense, do not only look at the price.
  • Be careful when doing business abroad and especially with countries where there are poor regulations and/or a different legal situation.
  • When doing business abroad take possible customs regulations into account
  • Make a valid agreement, which both parties need to sign.
  • Store all relevant information and contact moments.
  • Be well prepared when talking with the advertiser; ask questions when issues are unclear.
  • Think about who takes care of transport insurance (seller / buyer / forwarder)
  • Use a forwarder that you can trust.
  • Use means of payment which can be trusted (well known banks, custom paying methods for (international) payments). When seller uses Moneygram or Western Union as payment option you will see it is most likely a fraud. DigitalPrintMarket offers a reliable intermediate trading service which limits the risk of getting into troubles due to non payment, bad payment or problems with non delivered products.
  • Agree upon who pays for the shipping costs. DigitalPrintMarket advises to not include the shipment cost in the product selling price.

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