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Bernina Artista 730 730e Embroidery Sewing Machine

Bernina Artista 730 730e Embroidery Sewing Machine

The 730e is one of the most advanced Sewing and Embroidery System in the World with 9mm wide stitches, sideways motion stitching and the revolutionary Bernina Stitch Regulator (with zigzag!) Fully re-scalable, stitch by stitch embroider designs right in the machine! In other words you can make a embroidery design larger or smaller right on this machines color touch screen. Ok, so you might think that is not such a big deal after all you can do that on other embroidery machines. What is a big deal is that the Bernina 730 recalculates the number of stitches in a design that is made smaller or larger. That is the big difference between this 730 and it's competitors. You can use Bernina's USB memory sticks with this machine. ( memory stick is included ) Not only can you store designs on memory sticks, they are very handy for transferring designs to your machine, especially if your computer is not in the same room where you have your machine. You can download designs from the internet, CD, floppy disk ( if anyone uses floppies any more) and memory cards and transfer the design(s) you want to embroider right into a Bernina USB memory stick ( also called a flash drive) . Put that USB memory stick in this Bernina and bring up the design you want to embroider right on the machine’s color touch screen!! It is that easy!! Some of the features of this machine are: 10 programmed in fonts for embroidery, 2 layout/editing screens. A utility menu, quilting menu, buttonhole menu, decorative stitch menu (with several sub-menus of 9mm stitches, cross-stitches, baby, heirloom, home dec, & more) favorite stitch menu, 3 alphabet styles for labels & monogramming in the sewing mode, combination menu to combine your own stitch patterns & save them. On screen memory, pattern repeat, mirror image, elongate, & so much more. This machine reads .art & .exp embroidery file formats. One question that I get asked a lot is; Do I need to have this machine hooked up to a computer to embroider with it? A: Unlike some other makes of embroidery machines, the Bernina 730 does not need to be hooked up to a computer to sew or embroider. They have a computer built into them and they use a Window’s- based operating system. You can transfer designs right into this machine with a USB flash drive, plus this machine has a card slot for using Bernina embroidery design cards! There are lots of options without the need to have this machine hooked up to a computer, but if you want to, the software and USB cord are included so you can do just that! Lots of options, that is what you get with a machine like this! Another common question: I don't see the CD drive in your ad, is one included with this machine? A: I no longer include the CD drives along with the updated 200e machines or the 730 machines and here's why. Some of the Bernina CD-Rom USB drives do not work with the updated 200 or the 730 models that have the V4.51 update. Bernina also no longer sells the CD drives so should there be a problem I can not get a replacement. I have about a dozen CD drives and I found that only half of them worked with a V4.51updated machine. Bernina no longer supports the use of the CD drives because like Beta and VHS video tapes, CD drives are on their way out. The replacement is the use of the USB flash drives, also called memory sticks. So you are thinking "that's great but I have designs that are on a CD". Here is the scoop on that.... This auction includes Bernina's ARTlink V5 software. That program will allow you to view .ART format embroidery designs on your computer screen. Trust me on this one, you can view designs with that program MUCH faster on your computer and with greater detail than you can with a functional Bernina CD drive connected to a 730. You can then select a design you want to stitch out and send that design to the included USB memory stick. You can also link your computer directly to this machine and send the design right into the machine’s memory, but using the USB method, there is no need to have your computer in the same room as your machine. The memory/file size is much larger than a CD so the smaller more convenient USB memory stick will hold many more designs on it plus they can be added and deleted as needed. Speed, convince and ease of use, they are what you get when using the USB memory sticks. "Try it, you'll like it!" Bernina's are built to last, with Swiss precision and craftsmanship that enables them to keep sewing for thousands of hours. This is no "chain/discount store" sold toy !! This machine is nothing less than incredible!! There are so many things that you can do with this sewing/embroidery Bernina. With a total of 853 stitch patterns, 7 Alphabets, Monograms, 10 Buttonholes and 2 eyelets. You'll always find the perfect stitch for any sewing situation! Stitches can be easily accessed in groups or by directly entering the stitch number. This is one machine that you will never outgrow!!! A computerized Sewing/Embroidery machine that is the only machine made to have a Microsoft Windows Powered operating system that is logical and easy to use with familiar icons, pop up messages, and files. This computerized machine has a large and bright color touch screen, enables you to do all kinds of stitch and embroidery pattern editing right on the machine !! This machine does so much that it would take me, a one finger "hunt and peck" typer, all night to list out. If you are looking at this auction, chances are very good that you know how feature packed this machine is!!! My best advice for you would be to tell you to go to www.berninausa.com and check out all of the great things that can be done with this machine!! From beginner to expert, home to small business, your only limit is your imagination! Oh yes, let's not forget the Auto Thread Cutter, a very cool feature that cuts the thread with a push of the button and automatically cuts the thread between color thread changes when you are embroidering. A big time saver!! And there is a great on screen help menu. Included with this 730 is a instructional CD that is a must watch, it shows you all of the great features on this 730e and how to use them, and Bernina's ARTlink V5 embroidery software is also included. Accessories included with this machine are: *Bernina's BSR ( Bernina stitch regulator ) foot * Bernina USB memory stick * Detailed owners manual * Soft Machine and embroidery module bags *Removable sewing table *Embroidery module *Small, Medium and Large embroidery hoops * FHS {free hands system} presser foot lifter *Foot control with needle up and down feature *Built in needle threader *Accessory box * #1C Reverse pattern foot * #2A Overlock foot * #3C Buttonhole foot * 3A Automatic Buttonhole foot * #4 Zipper foot * #5 Blind stitch foot * #8 Jeans foot * #18 Button sew-on foot * #20C Open embroidery foot *will contain one of the following.. #9, #15 or #26 Closed embroidery / darning foot, all of these feet are used for the same function, just different part numbers and slight differences in design. * #40C Sideways motion foot with code * Vertical spool holder * 2 Bobbin cases, one for sewing and a gold latch case for embroidery * Height compensating tool * Seam ripper * Asst. tools, Lint brush, oil, pack of needles & 4 bobbins. *Bright fluorescent sewing light! *USB computer cord to connect this Bernina to your computer!

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